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How to Pack Fishing Rods For Moving


Before moving, it is important to pack fishing rods correctly. They are expensive, long, and can easily break. They are also not designed to carry a large weight, so it is important to take care of them when packing them for moving. To prevent damage, use padding materials such as bubble wrap and other soft materials.

When packing fishing rods, you should separate them from their reels, so they don’t get crushed. Then, wrap each rod with bubble wrap and place them inside a separate cardboard box. It is best to label each fishing rod, so that you can easily identify which one is which.

If you have an expensive fishing rod, it would be best to purchase a fishing rod case, which is a tube-like container designed specifically to protect your valuable fishing equipment. However, if you can’t afford to purchase a case, you can also make one yourself. There are a variety of different cases for fishing equipment available online. From soft fabric solutions to tough plastic tubes, these cases will protect your expensive fishing equipment during moving.

Another method of packing fishing rods is to wrap them with air filled plastic padding or bubble wrap. If you are moving multiple rods, you can cover the ends of the rods with bubble wrap or duct tape. Once wrapped, secure the rods with packing tape. The next step is to wrap the rest of the equipment with a protective cover.

It is important to be extra careful with your fishing rods, this is because they can be very fragile when crammed in with all your other belongings. If you are moving long distance between Auckland and Christchurch for example, be sure to communicate with your Auckland movers and emphasize the importance of proper care when handling your valuable fishing rods. You may also decide to ship them via a courier company or even opt to travel with them and drive to your new destination, there are many roof rack accessories for the proper mounting of rods to your vehicle. Also, you need to take proper precautions when moving them inside your car or in your truck. Make sure your fishing rods fit in your vehicle and that they won’t be damaged by unsecured items.

If shipping is an option, it is recommended to buy a box that is large enough to hold three fishing rods without squashing them. In addition to this, you must also consider the size of the fishing rods as these will determine the number of cardboard tubes needed.

Using cardboard or plastic tubes to make a custom-made case is not a hard task if you are a keen DIYer. You will need a few tools and some cardboard or PVC tubes, it is easy to make a protective case for your fishing rods that are strong enough to handle the punishment shipping companies throw at it. Some disassembling may be required, removing the reel from your fishing rod and packing it in a separate package. The use of packing foam pellets, bubble wrap and air filled packing cushions may all be used to give it as much protection as possible to ensure your investment is protected and will get to the destination safely.