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Sometimes good casting mixed with location and listening to the guide come off! The call to switch to an Airflo clean camo sinking line proved deadly for Sydney, Australia's James Yerbury, picking off a mix of browns and bows for a 35-40 fish bag. Best flies Manic Skinny bug...
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November 1, 2017

Turangi continues to fire

Some recent pics showcasing some epic fly fishing on the Tongiriro river. Good size trout spawning, doing their thing for nature! The cycle continues so lets hope the fishing stays in good step (or cast) for more years to come....
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Eliminating drag, good drift

September 26, 2017

Mastering drift

A recent trip to the Tongiriro with my client proved to be both challenging and rewarding. Many fast cross rapid currents getting a good drift is key. Once a good drift is mastered the results are instant. I taught my client to manage drift, the importance of weight and fly ...
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Putting a smile on the dial

August 22, 2017

Always great to get out with mates..

Nice day on the water with mate Cory Scott (Photo credit Cory Scott)A break in weather results in some fish moving up in the water column, Pulling streamers to big browns is always fun, keeping a tight line and  good contact essential, strong tippet 8-12lb Airflo G3 Flu...
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Super spawning fish

July 4, 2017

Jeremy grinning with a nice brown

It was great to get out on the last week before closing in Rotorua's premium trout stream. We waded through many rainbows with some exciting action, and finally a few browns were spotted in a slight pool, lots of cover, snags and shadow. Yet a carefully placed fly never goes...
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Winter bling

June 13, 2017
Stressed about glo bugs, loosing too many flies, these are super easy to tie and catch fish. A few turns of chenille and white marabou....Go Catch!!...
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